Agias Eleoussis 118B, Maroussi
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Meet our Team

Our Vision

Providing a modern physiotherapy centre of high standards and quality, where the person receiving therapy will be able to enjoy truly efficacious services; services that will help them rehabilitate faster by promoting their overall well-being.

Our Philosophy

Approaching the patient in an anthropocentric way, meeting their needs and having as our main priority the acceleration of their treatment through the best possible combination of modern equipment and bio-stimulating techniques.

Our mission

Meeting our patient’s needs in the most effective way, promoting wellness, sportsmanship, values and ideals in athletics and the overall well-being of body and spirit.

High Quality and Standards

In a high standard place, we can only provide a targeted treatment, rehabilitation and training approach. Whatever your goals are, we want to help you pursue them!

Patient Care

Apart from the healing process, our therapists provide the patient with helpful advice, which will aid them to carry on with the rehabilitation process at their personal space and also provide them with the necessary information and knowledge, so as to be able to prevent future health issues.

Professional Services

Our therapists are professionally trained with many years of practical experience and they share the same passion for quick, natural and effective, therapeutic intervention.

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