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Stella Christoforou was born in Athens and is a Crossfit Champion.

She has 3 older siblings and a twin sister, Thelma, who is also a Crossfit athlete.

She started sports at a young age. She has been a track & field athlete for ten years and also a member of the National team. Then she took up boxing.

Stell Christoforou got involved with Crossfit by accident. She saw a picture in Facebook and called in for a test.Her first fight was in Cyprus, where she had the chance to compete with Sara Sigmundsdóttir!

Her workouts last many hours and that's the reason why she needs a trustworthy physiotherapy center to help her with her recovery. Stella solely trusts Physioathens's team to help her recover and get ready for her games.


During her sports career, Stella Christoforou has achieved the following:

  • Regionals Meridian CrossFit Games 2017 (21st in Europe)
  • 1st place Wod Wars Europe
  • Panhellenic Weightlifting Champion 2017
  • Practical Shooting Champion 2016
  • World Kick Boxing Champion 2010
  • Former boxing champion and kick boxing for year (member of National Team of Greece and Cyprus)
  • Former Athletic Champion for many years (member of national team of Greece)

Leisure - Hobbies

Despite her busy program, Stella Christoforou manages to find time for herself. She has taken up practical shooting and she also competes in games. And she always makes time for a delicious dinner with friends.

stella christoforou