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νασος κουτσουραδης 3Nassos Koutsouradis is a certified physiotherapist (Technological Educational Institution of Athens), with an MSc and multiannual experience on his field of study. He established the Physioathens Modern Physiotherapy Centre after ten years of providing physiotherapy services.

Having received a comprehensive training in all kinds of conditions, caused by musculoskeletal, neurological or pathological problems, he is in continuous pursuit of perfecting his skills by learning new techniques, whilst giving -at the same time- seminar presentations.

Being an athlete himself (an avid mountain runner), he specialized – among other subjects - in sports injuries treatment and rehabilitation, giving particular attention to bio-stimulation techniques, which contribute to the acceleration of healing.


Nassos Koutsouradis has graduated from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens – School of Health and Welfare, Department of Physiotherapy. He further continued his studies, completing the Manual Therapy program of International Mainland Τeachers Αssociation (ΙΜΤΑ).

Career Development

Before operating Physioathens, he worked as a physiotherapist in hospitals, sports teams and in-home visits for ten years. Along with his professional activity, he regularly participates in seminars, conferences, and one-day events as a rapporteur, having served as a health section manager and a tutor in private education for six years.

Voluntary and Sponsorship Work

He actively participates in voluntary activities that are connected to charity work, Human Rights defense as well as the protection of the environment. He also provides physiotherapy services and sports massage pro bono in sports events, which promote the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and a healthy way of life.

College Degrees and Professional Certifications

  • BSc Degree in Physiotherapy (Technological Educational Institute of Athens)
  • MSc in Manual Therapy (Physical therapy delivered with hands)
  • Certification in Dry Needling (Use of “dry” needles)
  • Certification in Medical Taping (Medical Elastic Adhesive Bandage)
  • Certification in Thera-Bands and Balls (Resistance bands and exercise balls)