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θεραπευτικη γυμναστικη 3

A personalized program based on measurements.

In order for an exercise routine to be truly beneficial, fitness enthusiasts need to follow a specific plan, where the body is not injured or traumatized. Especially when there are musculoskeletal issues, the execution of exercises must be adapted in order for the body to be healed.

This can be achieved through Therapeutic Gymnastics, which is designed based on measurement and special tests. Therapeutic gymnastics is addressed to:

people who want to exercise in a correct way, avoiding the risks of being injured

those, who have musculoskeletal problems and wish to recover

athletes, who want to improve both their technique and performance

At the Physioathens Modern Physiotherapy Centre, we specialize in Personal Clinical Training. We take care of the person, who wants to properly exercise, starting from the clinical examination and the customization of the program to their actual exercise routine.

Clinical examination includes measurement and special tests, which record the functionality and the body’s range of motion, identifying possible defects in posture and body mobility. In this way, we are able to develop a Personal Clinical Training plan, tailored for your needs.

Thus, fitness enthusiasts can enjoy to the fullest the benefits of therapeutic gymnastics, which are:

  Safe exercise, avoiding the possible danger of injuries

  Body strengthening; improving body posture and functionality

  Pain relief

  Better Performance

  Improvement of sports techniques

A fully equipped fitness room is available in Physioathens, where one can practice under the supervision of a physiotherapist or a qualified personal trainer.