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Physiotherapy uses special intervention techniques combined with modern equipment that naturally activate the body's physical therapy. This is necessary for a range of conditions such as orthopedic, musculoskeletal and neurological. It is also essential for problems that may result from stress or injury.

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Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitaion Services  

At Physioathens Contemporary Physiotherapy Center, you receive personalized physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in a polished and fully-equipped space.

The experienced physiotherapist Nasos Koutsouradis formulates the treatment program, based on your medical history, the extent of body functioning and the areas where the pain is located.

The goal of the intervention is to speed up the treatment by applying the most appropriate physical therapy techniques combined with the use of the most modern equipment.

It is very important that the patient is involved in the treatment process. It is also important to train them on special exercises they can apply outside the session.

Physiotherapy for a series of health conditions   

Physiotherapy can efficiently help treating a wide variety of conditions, i.e. orthopaedic, musculoskeletal or neurological issues. It can also facilitate the recovery of sports injuries and chronic diseases.

In Physioathens Modern Physiotherapy Centre, we can effectively intervene to accelerate the healing process. Apart from the aforementioned conditions we also help with a series of problems, which may arise from strain or injury.

Physical therapy offers pain relief and helps patients regain functionality through bio-stimulation techniques. These also contribute to the acceleration of healing.