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Sports Massage is mainly addressed to athletes but also to those, who face musculoskeletal problems. Designed mainly for the ones that have been worn off, sports massage is highly recommended as a part of their program. It highly contributes to the prevention of injuries.

Sports Massage Methods

At Physioathens Modern Physiotherapy Centre we specialize in Sports Massage, employing a range of methods:

  • Soft Tissue Release (STR): an advanced technique used in assessing and stretching soft tissue
  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET): a manual therapy that uses the gentle muscle contractions of the patient to relax and lengthen muscles and normalize joint motion.
  • Neuromuscular Technique (NMT): to treat hypertonic (excessively toned, or tight) muscle. It involves applying deep forced pressure to local areas of tense soft tissue.
  • Connective Tissue Massage (CTM): It releases tension from the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia with deep, intense strokes.

The main purpose of the aforementioned techniques is to break up adhesions, the “knots” in the soft tissue and reduce lactic acid in the muscles.

Sports massage is designed to warm up the athlete before an event, sustain him throughout and help him recover after it. It prevents injuries, releases the tension and relieves the pain.

By focusing on the muscles, ligaments, joints and nerve tissue, applying specialized massage and the indicated pressure, however, we ensure the health and well-being of the athlete and accelerate its natural ability to heal.

More specifically, sports massage benefits the body as follows:

Prevention of possible injuries before the game
Treatment of sports injuries
Rehabilitation of post-event injuries
 Reducing muscle spasms
Clearing out muscles from waste and toxins
 Accelerating the recovery period
Sustain of the athlete’s performance during the event
Post-event muscle relaxation
Relief of sore muscles

*We solely use certified, organic massage oils, with a neutral aroma, safe for the skin and essential oils with calming and relaxing effects.